Aviation connectivity

Number of direct air connections (countries)

Aviation dwell time

Time a consignment spends at an airport


The person or entity to whom the shipment is to be delivered to whether by land, sea or air

Customs clearance

The accomplishment of the Customs formalities necessary to allow goods to enter the fiscal territory for home use, or to be exported.

Dwell time (export and import)

Time spent at the same location (as defined by UNLOCODE) from container arrival to departure from this location. Dwell time applies to both port or exports or import, or inland terminal facilities. Consolidated import and export dwell time are defined as the sum of dwell times at port and at intermediate inland locations after ship’s unloading (imports) or before container’s loading on ship (exports).

Import corridor lead time

Import lead time of containers from leaving the port of arrival to entering the destination location, estimated for selected landlocked countries


Logistics Performance Index

Maritime connectivity

Number of partner countries accessible through direct liner shipping service

Multimodal transport

The transportation of goods (whether under a single multimodal transport contract or not), performed with at least two different means of transport

Postal connectivity

Number of international postal connections (countries)

Postal delivery time

Delivery time of a postal item from arrival at country to bureau of delivery

Tracking and tracing

Process determining the current and past locations (and other information) of a unique item or property

Turnaround time

Time container ships call at a port, including waiting time at anchor nearby


United Nations Code for Trade and Transport Locations